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Thousands of high school swimmers are using LookForIt to help in their college search. It's the quickest way to see where a swimmer's time could be competitive at the collegiate level. Please have your swimmers register for free by clicking on "I'm an Athlete" at



LookForIt is a swimming-specific website that brings together swimmers, college coaches, high school coaches, and swim club coaches to help with the college selection process. Swimmers and their high school/club coaches can access LookForIt to help with the college search. And college coaches can access LookForIt for recruiting purposes.


LookForIt compares a swimmer’s best times against the top times of virtually all of the Division I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA colleges in the US with a swim team. You can read about the features if you click on “I’m an Athlete” on the Home page of LookForIt, but one of the most attractive features is a personalized dashboard that reports each college where the athlete might be the #1, #2, #3 or close to the #3 swimmer in an event at a college based on the comparison of the athlete’s time to each specific college’s times.  Athletes have a variety of selection criteria to narrow the colleges that appear on their dashboard (like selecting colleges by Division, by geography, etc). There are also direct links into the swim and academic websites of virtually every college in the US.  And we link to College Scorecard which provides extensive academic, demographic, and cost information on each college. 


High school coaches can access LookForIt for all of their high school swimmers. With the click of a mouse, you can immediately see all the colleges where your swimmers might be competitive. Colors indicate whether the swimmer could be the #1 (blue), #2 (red), #3 (silver) or close to #3 swimmer (yellow) at each college. Here’s an example of what you will see for each of your swimmers:



You can even display a summary of all the colleges where your swimmer would be competitive in a particular event based on their times (or you can enter a goal time to see how the list of colleges would change if their time were to improve).



All of your team members are summarized on your high school dashboard and separated into user defined squads like Varsity, Junior Varsity, etc. Beyond this, we track age group and college division time standards. You can even define your own user defined standard (like High School State Meet Qualifying Times). If your swimmers have achieved a standard, it will be highlighted in color on your dashboard.



You can also sort your high school dashboard to see all of your swimmers ranked from fastest to slowest in a particular event.



There are many other features of LookForIt that make it a tool that you will want to have for yourself and your swimmers including:



This is just a small sample of the power that is now available to you and your swimmers. Swimmers can register and use LookForIt for free regardless of whether or not you have a High School Membership by clicking on "I'm an Athlete" from our home page.

Try our one month trial membership for $10 for your entire boys or girls high school team, or $20 for both. Or you can register for our six month membership for $5 or $10 per month. You can also invite up to five additional coaches or college counselors from your high school to have access to LookForIt at no additional charge. Your membership entitles you to analyze an unlimited number of your high school team members (13 years of age and older). You can cancel your membership at any time for a prorated refund of your membership fee.  

You’ve found LookForIt.  Click the Register button to start helping with the college decision.