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About Us

LookForIt was created by a retired CEO of a major software company who was also the Dad of a high school swimmer. His daughter had improved to the point where swimming in college was a real possibility.


But it was clear that the college search process was very inefficient for all parties involved:


  • Athletes had to search through countless websites to find information - are my swim times fast enough at each college, are my academics the right match, etc. Sending swim times and profile information to colleges was like Groundhog Day – you repeat sending the same information to multiple websites and hope something different happens the next day (which it doesn’t). 


  • High School Swim Coaches and Swim Club Coaches would like to help their athletes with the search process, but it was too time consuming to do a thorough job


  • College Coaches would like to have a recruiting process that is more targeted and wastes less time


So LookForIt was created to make the college search and recruiting process much easier and less time consuming for all parties. Within about one second, athletes can view all the colleges where they might be competitive, with links to each college swim and academic site. College coaches can see exactly where each swimmer could fit on their team.  LookForIt provides the power to take control, and save a lot of time in the process.


We hope you like it. If you do, please ask your teammates and coaches to give it a try.


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