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Thank you for visiting, a swimming-specific recruiting site.

Thousands of high school swimmers use LookForIt to identify and research colleges where their swim times and academics might be competitive.

We think we have a better way to help college coaches find, evaluate and communicate with high school swimmers. We compare your top three swimmers best times in each event to our database of high school swimmers and highlight only those prospects that would be competitive with or faster than those on your team. You define your own recruiting criteria - from swim times of interest, to geographic preferences, academic criteria, graduation years and more.

Here's what the college dashboard looks like:

Prospects that would have the #1 season time in an event for this sample Division III team are highlighted in blue, #2 in red, #3 in silver. Swimmers that meet your user defined criteria for being “close” to your recruiting interest swim time are highlighted in yellow. A swimmer that has achieved an A or B Cut for your division will be highlighted with a gold or black border respectively. We also identify those swimmers that have expressed specific interest in your swim program by highlighting their name on your dashboard. You can move prospects into a Watch List, a Top Prospect List, and other categories as well as add notes on any prospect.

We maintain comprehensive contact information for each prospect. We track profile information for each athlete including name, email address, home address, phone number, birthdate, graduation year as well as Facebook and Twitter links, height, weight, high school coach contacts, club coach contacts, parent contacts, GPA, SAT, ACT, etc. With so much valid contact information, it is easy to communicate with your prospects. With the click of a mouse, you can create a customized email to one, many, or all of your prospects along with your own customized recruiting message and attachments. And you can feed all of their contact information to external applications like Excel, Front Rush, or JumpForward with the click of a mouse.

You also have access to our comprehensive database of contact information for over 3,000 swim clubs and 4,000 high schools. Links are provided to their websites, Facebook and Twitter sites, and you can email one or many of the head coaches within seconds.

There are many integrated links from your college dashboard. For example, if you click on the event distance (say the 200 IM), you will see a dashboard called the Quick Search which highlights all the swimmers that have met your recruiting criteria sorted by time in that event. For each swimmer, you will see where they may fit on your team along with their GPA, Swim Club, and High School contact information. Clicking on the athlete name from any dashboard will display a detailed profile of the swimmer including all contact information for the athlete, their club, and their high school along with all of their SCY and LCM swim times. Clicking on a high school or club name will give all the contact information about that high school or club including coach name, email, phone number and links to their website. Here’s what a small sample of the Quick Search looks like:

Another powerful feature of the Quick Search is that you can search for the fastest swimmers in a combination of events. Say you were looking for the fastest swimmer in the combination of the 100 Breast and the 200 IM. Just select those two events and the Quick Search will sort and display the fastest swimmers in your specified combination of events.

Integrated links from your dashboard also display how each prospect would finish in your latest conference championship and division national championship meet. Here’s what the Conference View looks like:

If a cell is blue, it indicates the place that the swimmer would have finished in the conference or division championship meet. If a cell is white, it identifies the slowest time the swimmer would have to achieve to place in the meet. Clicking on any cell will display all the detail results from that event at the meet.

Just one more example is the Progress Graph. If the swimmer has a history of more than one time in an event, the swimmer’s improvement over time is displayed as a graph along with comparisons to a variety of time standards as follows:

Here's what college head coaches are saying about LookForIt:

"After utilizing other recruiting services, LookForIt stands above the rest with detailed recruit information you won’t receive through other services while all contained in an easy to use and customizable website database.  LookForIt has enabled us to reach hundreds of additional recruits that are perfect fits for our program, saving us valuable time and providing an enormous boost to our recruiting efforts." - Top 10 Division III Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach


"Your site is great and will really be beneficial to college coaches. It has many of the features that other resources are missing such as mass email, comments section, ability to view the swimmer profile including a complete list of times on one screen!" - Division I Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach

"I love!  It is such a great site for me to find and keep tabs on new recruits.  Since I have a small budget, I'm not able to fly around the country and see all of these kids compete, but with I'm able to find kids from across the nation who would fit into my program and others that will help take my program to the next level!" - Division III Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach


"We are very pleased with our subscription, thanks a million!" - Division I Men's and Women's Head Swim Coach


LookForIt college memberships are available for $60 for a three month membership for your men's or women's team (both teams for $120). Annual memberships are available for $15 per month ($180 per year) for your men's or women's team (both teams for $30 per month/$360 per year). Your assistant coaches can also access to LookForIt at no additional charge. You can cancel your membership at any time for a prorated refund of your membership fee. You have access to all of our swimmers with your LookForIt membership - all graduation years, not just a smaller subset of swimmers. And we are fully compliant with NCAA Bylaw 13.14.3.

Click the Register button, complete the requested information, and we will email the head coach an activation link to begin using LookForIt.